The things that counts most for us is family life and the nature around us.

SANGA is situated in the woods around Veigné, a small village 10km south of Tours. The woods are home to many birds and animals, wild boar, deers, weasels etc.

We live with a dozen bee colonies, several chickens, two cats and we cultivate our small vegetable garden surrounded by the woods. Wildlife and nature are very important for us, especially for our children.

During the spring and summer months we grow our vegetables. In autumn, after our producers have harvested their rice, soya and salt, we start to make our Miso.

The origin of SANGA Miso making is the Miso of my grandmother. The taste and texture of her barley Miso remain in my memory and can make me quite nostalgic.
Living far from my home country Japan, I like making home made Miso for you and I hope that you will also make your own Miso for your family.